Automatic gas distribution stations

     The main technological device for supplying gas to the population and businesses is an automatic gas distribution station (AGDS). Automatic gas distribution stations are designed to supply gas to settlements, industries and other consumers.


AGDS is able to perform a range of complex tasks:

  • Reduction of gas pressure to a preset value and automatic maintenance of it at the desired level
  • High degree of purification of gas, with the removal of liquids and automatic drain of condensate
  • Automatic maintenance of the preset gas temperature at the output of AGDS
  • Metering of gas flow with possibility to measure the quality indicators of natural gas using gas chromatographs
  • Gas odorization

Compared with other models of gas distribution stations, AGDS has a number of technological advantages: 

  • Unlike the cabinet-type gas control points, AGDS is able to maintain a constant optimal temperature inside the unit, which significantly increases the wear resistance of consumables.
  • AGDS does not require the constant presence of a specialist when changing the pressure or required volumes of gas supply is necessary.
  • The advanced technologies used in AGDS provide environmental security of the facility.
  • AGDS are compact and easy to transport.
  • Redundant power supply that ensures keeping performance for 24 hours without loss of information.


     "INTRA EM" company offer AGDS of different models and different capacity. Using equipment from leading world manufacturers of the gas industry provides reliability and security. AGDS is compact and completely factory-assembled, which allows to perform its transportation, installation and commissioning in the shortest possible time , as well as has a convenient arrangement of process equipment inside AGDS, which provides good access for maintenance and repair work.




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