"INTRA EM" company participated in the KIOGE exhibition and conference

"INTRA EM" participated in the 20th anniversary international specialized exhibition and conference of KIOGE (Kazakhstan International Oil & Gas exhibition) at the Atakent Exhibition Centre, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

KIOGE is almost as old as the independent Kazakhstan. Since its inception in 1993, KIOGE has become one of the leading events of the energy sector of the country and a significant platform to discuss topical issues of the oil and gas industry and to conduct a dialogue with national and foreign partners on the public and private levels.


Within the exhibition business program, the company presented its own produced AUTOMATIC GAS ODORIZATION SYSTEM. The automatic gas odorization system is designed for automation of the natural gas odotization process and can be used as part of the gas distribution stations, gas distribution systems and industrial plants. The system ensures maintaining a given concentration of odorant in proportion to gas flow.


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