Automation systems of stations made by the "INTRA EM" company solve complex tasks, such as pressure, flow, temperature regulation and at the same time are used for data registration, visualization and remote transmission. The automation system is built on the basis of the industrial controller Honeywell HC900 or Siemens S7-300.


     The use of these controllers allows automating a wide range of gas-engineering equipment, such as gas pressure regulators, flow control valves with electric actuators, shut-off valves, gas boilers and other. The modular design of controllers, built-in redundancy means, multi-function configuration, I/O subsystems as well as the ability to create functionally complete solutions for process control and to archive parameters defining their work for the ease of their retrieval and usage allow you to create flexible systems according to individual requirements of customers.


     The operator workstation is used for monitoring and maintenance of the controller. Workstation interface allows the operator to interact with a process control system. The workstation also supports the data registration on the built-in memory card with possibility to access via a network connection or a web server.





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