Environmental policy

  • SIA "INTRA EM" constantly improve the environmental management system, viewing it as a competitive advantage.
  • SIA "INTRA EM" is aware and understands the environmental consequences of  industrial and commercial activities and  constantly striving to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Each employee is responsible for the quality of  environment.
  • SIA "INTRA EM" provide and develop business in accordance with environmental regulations.
  • SIA "INTRA EM" aims to raise environmental awareness of its employees.
  • Carrying out a new project, develop of business plan or investment program, SIA "INTRA EM" conducts quantitative and qualitative assessment of  impact on environment.
  • SIA "INTRA EM" optimize manufacturing processes to reduce the consumption of energy and natural resources.
  • SIA "INTRA EM" lead a constructive dialogue with the competent institutions and all stakeholders in the environmental protection area.





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