About us

     “EM” group of companies offers automatic gas-distributing and gas-filling stations, unit gas conditioning stations and gas-distributing points, gas accounting units and gas-metering stations, gas consumption regulation and delivery limitation units, as well as units of reduction, filtration, heating, odorizing, automation, quantity and quality measurement for natural gas of packaged supply for reconstruction, repair, new construction of gas-distributing and gas-metering stations and various gas conditioning systems in the energy and oil and gas industry.


     Along with our products, our Customers and Partners always acquire competence and professionalism, European quality at reasonable prices, optimal technical solutions for problems of any complexity.


     Our parent company, SIA "INTRA EM" (Riga, Latvia), started its activity in early 2008. The first experience of independent realization of a responsible project became possible due to the knowledge and skills acquired by our specialists in close collaboration with the RMG group of plants in the implementation of supply, installation and commissioning of their products on the territory of the Republic of Belarus over many years.To realize the programme of import substitution in the territory of the Customs Union in Belarus, in 2014 our subsidiary enterprise LLC “Zapad-EM” started its activity, having its manufacturing location in Minsk. Convenient geographical layout of manufacturing areas allows us to use completing parts of best manufacturers of both the Russian Federation and the European Union, which guarantees optimal tight deadlines of production while maintaining a high quality of delivered products.


     Starting from early 2015, our group of companies will be known under a new brand: “EM”. We consider the change of image as a step forward! We continue to strengthen our positions on the world market of complex solutions in the energy and oil-gas sectors, and in the near future we plan to implement a larger range of changes associated with both the products already offered on the market as well as new products and services.





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