Automobile gas filling stations

     In 2011, the "INTRA  EM" company begins production of the automobile gas filling compressor stations (AGFCS), which are currently the only actual alternative to automobile gas stations on liquid fuels.


Main advantages:    

  • When entering the station, the end-user can take gas directly from the gas pumping pipeline at pressure from 0.5 to 75 bar.
  • All compressors are water-cooled; the casing, lubricating oil and compressed gas are provided with built-in cooling
  • Water-cooled compressors automatically reduce noise levels
  • All compressors and other components require the first maintenance only after 4,000 hours of operation






Manufactures and supplies equipment for compression of natural gas with the latest technologies, using our 30 year long expirience in this field. AGFCS (automobile gas filling compressor stations) with Italian manufacturer equipment  Fornovo Gas installed all over the world. In Russia and CIS countries, compressor units are already installed in more than 50 AGFCS.







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