Gas treatment points

     Gas treatment points (GTP) produced by the "INTRA EM" company of different models and different capacity are designed for gas processing before delivery of gas to consumers in the specified quantity and with specific pressure and measured physical and chemical parameters. GTP meet the needs of any big energy consumers.


GTP process equipment provides the following features:

  • Reduction of gas pressure to a preset value and automatic maintenance of it at the desired level
  • High degree of purification of gas, with the removal of liquids and automatic drain of condensate
  • Automatic maintenance of the preset gas temperature at the output of GTP
  • Commercial metering of gas flow with possibility to measure the quality indicators of natural gas using gas chromatographs and calorimeters
  • Gas odorization


     GTP technological scheme is performed with 50% and 100% redundancy of the main process equipment and is equipped with both manual shut-off valves and shut off valve with possibility of remote or automatic control of the process. Automation of GTP provides a high degree of protection of all equipment.


GTP consists of:

  • Gas purification unit (with automatic drain of condensate)
  • Gas heating unit (with the furnace unit)
  • Gas pressure reduction unit
  • Commercial gas flow metering unit
  • Gas quality characteristics measuring unit
  • Blow-off valves unit
  • Gas (for own needs) pressure reduction unit and flow metering unit
  • Gas odorization unit (with automatic correction of input volume of odorant)
  • Instrumentation and controls unit (with the control centre block)
  • Switching unit





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