Gas odorization systems

     Automatic gas odorization system produced by the "INTRA EM" company is designed for automation of the natural gas odorization process and can be used as part of the gas distribution stations, gas distribution systems and industrial plants.


     Gas odorizers operate on the principle of injection, automatically maintain the preset concentration of odorant before supplying natural gas to the consumer and can be equipped with an emergency (bypass) odorization device of absorption, wick or droplet type. The system ensures maintaining a preset concentration of odorant in proportion to gas flow.


The system contains:

  • Pneumatic panel with working tank;
  • Duplicate odorization system of droplet type (option);
  • Electronic control unit;
  • Automatic working tank filling system.


Nominal Performance, (th. m3/hour)


Inlet pressure, MPa


Outlet pressure, MPa


Supply Voltage, V (50/60 Hz)

100 – 240

Min. interval between tech. services, months


Service life, years

not less 20




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