Gas control points (GCP; cabinet-type GCP)

     Gas control points produced by the "INTRA EM" company are designed for input pressure reduction to the required level, automatic maintenance of the preset output pressure regardless of changes in flow rate and input pressure, automatic shut-off of the gas supply at emergency increase or decrease of the output pressure from the permissible preset of values, and gas purification from mechanical impurities.


     Cabinet-type GCP is a metal, heat-insulated cabinet (optionally heated) with process equipment placed in it.


GCP is made as follows:

  • Ball valve at the output
  • Gas cleaning and metering line
  • Cleaning and metering bypass line
  • Main gas pressure reduction line (regulator with the built-in pressure relief shut-off valve)
  • Gas pressure reduction standby line (regulator with the built-in pressure relief shut-off valve)
  • Safety relief valve
  • Ball valves at the outputs of the pressure reduction main and standby lines
  • A valve with a pressure gauge is provided for monitoring the output pressure and a valve with a head flow meter is provided for monitoring the pressure of the output line


     Various execution schemes of gas control points are possible depending on the initial data and customer requirements.




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