Chromatograph MICROSAM СV is a further development of chromatograph MICROSAM, which is specifically designed for natural gas analysis, based on its  physicochemical properties, such as calorific value, the Wobbe index and density. 


     MICROSAM CV - fast and reliable determination of physical and chemical properties of natural gas. At the moment - this is the only chromatograph that calculates physicochemical properties of natural gas not only by the international standard ISO, but also on the Russian GOST 22667-82.


     INTRA EM offers a comprehensive chromatographic system based on industrial chromatograph MICROSAM, to suit individual customer requirements. Such system, depending on the requirements, can be performed on a metal panel or in a heated cabinet RITTAL and installed in the vicinity of the sampling point. Full control, configuration, data collection and processing is carried out via Ethernet protocol.


Main advantages:

  • High speed analysis through the use of innovative technologies
  • Accurate sample dosing through valveless LIVE dispenser 
  • High efficiency separation on a capillary column
  • Low detection limit
  • High linearity for all measuring ranges saves calibration mixtures
  • Simple management with  CV Control software 
  • Automatic optimization of the analytical method
  • Ability to install directly at the point of selection
  • Low operating costs
  • Integrated solutions and worldwide support